About Me

Hi I’m Jess,

A Regents Park, Brisbane local and Mum to a beautiful, energetic, stubborn, loving and inquisitive 4-year-old, Violet. And partner to an even bigger energetic, stubborn, loving and inquisitive man, Doug. Together they make up two reasons for creating this store for you to enjoy.

I have also created this space to fulfil a passion that has emerged from my many years as an educator in the Childcare sector.
Each day spent with the children I’ve cared for has given me an invaluable look into what works when it comes to childhood development and most importantly what quality resources look like and can do in the way of educating children effectively. Throughout my 15 years I have been to countless Professional development courses and the ones that always stood out for me were the ones centred around child led, holistic, organic, meaningful approaches to education and care.

I truly believe that every child is whole just as they are and our constant pursuit to push them further and make them “smart” has actually had adverse effects on their emotional wellbeing, not to mention their development as a whole. We need to allow our children an opportunity to learn at their own pace and in their own time, with real life, open ended resources.

So, I hope you enjoy what I’ve created here, a place for you to research, become inspired and most importantly, use to support and nurture your child’s innate need for connection to their world and to you.

xxx Jess