Climb High

As I stood watching her climb higher and higher I felt mixed emotions. A part of me cheered her on, encouraging her bravery as she fearlessly made her way to the top.
And then a feeling of wanting to call her back down, stopping her from doing something that might hurt her, crept in.

Parenting can be so conflicting at times. You want them to soar and reach new heights but you want to protect them from harm at the same time. But sometimes these two things need to co-exist.

And so I realised something today.
I have to let her take risks, I have to allow the potentiality of harm so that she learns how to navigate difficult situations in the future with confidence.
A confidence that comes from feeling the fear and doing it anyway. From being hurt and learning new ways to approach the same challenge again.

Something I think us adults can learn from too.

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